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, Delaware

, United States

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2020-02-22 11:00:22
“aviation is like an addiction to me. When I go long periods of time without it I get this itch to fly. I like the flite test community because It provides a cheep and fun way to fly being that I’m 15 and have no income. I have built many models and from what I’ve learned I’m beginning to build the ultimate trainer plane. One of my teachers and I have also started an aeronautics club at my school with about 16-18 members and the primary goal of the club is make stem seem fun cool and interesting and attract more minorities then your standard robotics clubs (which are dominated by white guys). This hobby has also led me to Delaware economy club where I’ve met many friends and and have learned many things from the elders at the club. Without this hobby and easy access to flying I would be a far different person than I am today. If you want more photos of my journey you can go to Instagram @aidan_a2004”