, Olathe

, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:24:36
“I have always wanted to do radio controlled fixed wing aircraft since I was a child. But never had the money or the time to do it. My plan was to wait until I retired because I would have the money and the time. I retired on January 31st 2019. I found out the next day that the FCC made the remote ID proposal and my heart just sank. Based on the proposal it looked like I might get 3 years of flying in before the hobby would be negatively impacted. My ex co-workers even gave me gift certificates to the local hobby shop to buy a plane and transmitter. I bought them anyway and plan to contact a local club in the next few weeks. I do plan to join the AMA and the club. I will abide by what the FAA proposes. But know this.. As a Libertarian I am totally opposed to this proposal. I have commented to the FAA and to my representative.”