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2020-02-22 13:13:16
“I got into Flying RC after I retired in 2002, (had previously built and flown one plane in 1972 while stationed at Ft. Hood, TX but always wanted to get back into the hobby). I began with traditional materials, but soon discovered Styrofoam board construction, and it has become my favored method and material. I currently have 59 models all Electric foamies but two, and 52 are my design and build. I mostly fly on 2 acres behind my house in rural Michigan, although occasionally fly at a local Metropark. I have tried multicopters and FPV, and discovered I don’t like them, preferring fixed wing models. While I post my designs freely on RCGroups.com, I also sell laser cut kits for the guys who don’t want to cut out all the parts. My interest in foam construction has also allowed me to join two other modelers in forming a small business to package and resell foam sheets to modelers over the US and Canada ( modelplanefoam.com ). As you might expect RC modeling is a favorite and enjoyable part of my life. In the 18 years I have been active, I have not had a single injury accident. I have had no interaction with any full size aircraft. I live within 15 miles of two local small airports, and on any given day will share the airspace with small general aviation planes. They stay above their 500 ft minimum, while I stay under my 400 ft maximum – no interactions ever. I am an AMA member and fully support their goals and safety rules. While not a member of a local club, I have an unofficial group of flying buddies that I fly and fellowship with on a weekly basis. In our gatherings, we follow AMA rules, setting up a flight line, maintaining visual control of our planes, etc. I also support the current FAA rules, in that I have applied for the registration number, and apply it to my planes, use the online aps for approved flight locations, and receive and follow NOTAMS. I am of the opinion that for my type of flying, these are adequate interactions with the FAA and other government agencies. I am concerned that the Remote ID requirements will be not only prohibitively expensive for me and my friends in the hobby, but will be an un-manageable situation with no improvement in safety or effective use of the air space. I am also concerned about the proposed flying sites restriction and apparently eventual outlawing of them, and find it particularly offensive that the potential exists to be unable to fly on my own property surrounded by open farm fields. I recognize and have been concerned (even angered, occasionally) with the irresponsible actions of those who buy and fly “drones” or multicopters in areas and at times that are dangerous and inappropriate. While I recognize that many (most?) folk who buy and fly them do so in an appropriate manner similar to us fixed wing modelers, there seem to be a significant minority that refuse to use common sense and follow existing rules and regulations. It is my opinion that the current FAA rulemaking is a direct result of the actions of these people.”