, Santa Paula

, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:11:47
“I am an 18 year old young man. I love designing, building, and flying remotely controlled airplanes and drones. My passion for flight and building has led me to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I am a member of three engineering clubs at school and am in charge of one of the clubs drone project. I have learned so much from this hobby and have had a ton of fun while doing it. Most of my aircraft are home-built. Fifty percent of my aircraft are equipped with FPV. With the new regulations requiring digital IDs I have the concerns about incorporating the added weight. I can understand how one would want an ID on long range aircraft but for smaller aircraft, such as mine which have a range of approximately .5 miles, it seems unnecessary. I am also concerned with the regulations regarding flying locations. I fly my aircraft safely in my neighborhood and at a local park. I would be greatly impeded if I had to fly at a club field. The nearest is about an hours drive away. Thank you for your time reading my comment!”