, Australia

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2020-02-22 17:09:51
“As someone who loves RC (especially FPV!) and the freedom it gives you, I feel that it would be a great shame to loose that freedom simply because of a few silly people doing the wrong thing and giving the rest of us responsible pilots a bad reputation. I have also got into this at entirely the wrong time, just a few months after CASA (our equivalent of the FAA)started seriously clamping down on it’s UAV restrictions, however, thankfully CASA is nowhere near as strict and I’m only really doing this so as not to give them any ideas! Personally I feel that if they really have to clamp down on them we should treat UAVS like cars, you need a licence to fly them, and can you drive straight onto a runway or into a private building, NO of course not! The same should go for UAVs, you’d need a licence and safety training to fly them in public airspace, unless you were flying with a club on a registered airfield. (though they should lower the age limit a bit) but just like a car you can fly them at any age in any way over your own land. If that could be the care I reckon we’d all be better off (especially if it happened here!)”