, Cale

, Arkansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 23:40:50
“I am a one hundred percent permanent and totally disabled veteran. Building from scratch and flying multi rotors has saved my life. Before this hobby I tried to commit suicide several because I saw no reason to live. FPV multirotors that I build and fly give me a sense of purpose. The FAA’s proposed rules would take away the one thing I live for. It would absolutely abolish every single bit of this hobby. I live in a very rural area that has no cell phone or internet coverage so even if I could afford the fees for remote ID I wouldn’t even be able to fly. I fly in 200 acres of class G airspace. Remote ID would force me to go to much more densely populated area just to fly. I believe these new rules are dangerous. I don’t want someone finding my location and coming to rob me while I have my goggles on. Don’t let the FAA ruin this hobby. I fought in three wars, lost function of most of body, lost a wife and two beautiful children. This hobby is all I have. Sincerely SGT Bryan J Maynard (RET)”