, Orlinda

, Tennessee

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 23:39:28
“Flitetest foam, That is how I got my start like many others. It was cheap user built flying fun. Over the last 8 years my family and I have built many multi rotors , balsa aircraft, helicopters and other flying creations of our own design. We have flown, line of sight, first person view, and autonomous. This has been the basis of knowledge that has helped me to start a small commercial drone service . A side job for me, which started by using aircraft that I built, programmed, and maintained. I fly many of my aircraft from a recreational standpoint as well. My concerns are the fixed flying sites , increased over all expense, required subscription service, remote ID broadcast to public, restrictions placed on user built designs and maintenance. These restrictions will negatively impact our community ,educators, remote flight, and abolish small business which have blossomed from our hobby.”