, Atascadero

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 1:50:32
“Started with U-Control in grammar school. Began building kits in Junior High and continued into High School and dreamt of the day I could afford RC. The excitement of flight and learning the physics that allowed it. The exhilaration of building a craft and then flying it. Now I’m 67 and am still a “kid with a new toy” when it comes to RC flying. Heavily regulating this hobby will kill it. The youth of today are addicted to their screens. It’s hard enough to get them outside and actually experience real life instead of virtual reality. RC aircraft will get their attention, but not with all the restrictions that this legislation will impose. The truly bad actors will ignore the restrictions and carry out their nefarious deeds before any of this red tape will detect an stop them.”