, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-23 1:39:33
“my father was a tailseat gunner in wwll in the pacific…he was awarded several medals at places like midway island and the battle of the coral sea…he and my brothers taught me how to build and fly model airplanes and i in turn am teaching my son the hobby…my dad and brothers are passed on but all my memories still exist…i am making new memories now with my son and we are not able to afford to get too many planes to fly…i’m afraid with all the new rules and id equipment and so forth we would’nt be able to fly anymore…our models are flown in a schoolyard near our house that we walk to…i had a stroke and i can’t drive or work anymore but my son and i will walk over and fly a plane or 2 when its not windy…please don’t make it impossible for us to comply with the law and make it impossible for us to fly anymore….please let the heritage and love of aviation to continue in so many little boys and my son’s life….thank you with deepest regards j.t.”