, California

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2020-02-23 3:20:38
“I am the president of my school’s aviation club. I use my DIY foam board planes to teach club members how to fly RC. Our club has no funding, and I would not be able to pay for any equipment for the planes I use to teach on. Our flying field is a rough dirt strip next to a park, we fortunately get to fly at this park on Sundays, when no local sports events are taking place. This park is a 10 minute drive from our school, and it’s hard enough to convince my classmates to spend their weekend morning out there. The nearest official CBO flying field would be 30 minutes away, and making the drive out would become a chore to my peers who are normally occupied on weekends with sleeping in, video games, family, chores, and sports. The convenience I have with how RC flying is currently treated allows me to be able to get others interested in aviation in a better way than with a slide presentation and a lecture. If these new regulations are put into action, spreading my love of aviation to young people will be hindered, I may not be spread to spread it at all through the hobby of RC anymore.”