, Pagosa Springs

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 18:14:34
“Because I am a retired Senior,my physical and financial abilities are limited.I have a large investment in RC equipment and “AIRPLANES” made during my working years ( seven radios,eighteen flyable airplanes,and six airplane kits yet to be built,plus twenty one “fuel” engines of various displacements ,and many spare servos etc..Four of my flyable planes are “scratch” builds.If the proposed regulations are adopted as currently presented,my flying days will totally end and my hobby investment will become a total loss.Even worse will be the loss of the things that keep me active and happy.The construction and flying keeps my body and mind active .My view of the problem is that the FAA is basically correct and must do something to gain control .But,I believe the problem is caused by the “Drone”society due partly to the flight abilities of the vehicles themselves , and the unexplained reasons for the controller to ignore all thoughts of safety and obeying established rules.Since RC “Airplanes” are in fact “Unmanned Aircraft” they must be included in with the “Drone”contingent of the hobby.Understood, but with the exception of “Terrorists”the problem is not the RC planes or their Pilots . Regulatory wise, a separation of the two parties needs to be found.”