, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-24 20:46:09
“I have been flying for 3 years. I enjoy it. I fly when I can. I have a family with young kids, so I don’t often have time. I would never be able to get to an “authorized” field, and most have pilots who are not welcoming of multi-rotor craft. We cannot afford much. I have been able to buy components to make my craft. I certainly cannot afford to pay for any commercial remote ID services to fly something I fly in my spare time, on my lunch breaks, whenever a moment arises where I can fly. My son is going to be 5 years old. He has recently taken a real interest in my Multi-rotor air craft. He wants to fly with me. He has even flown better than I expected in a simulator, however not good enough to fly a real one yet. I look forward to the day that him and I can go out and fly together. Teaching him about flying, and the science and tech behind what makes these craft work. Some times flying helps my mental state as well. We don’t have much. We don’t have much, and being able to fly once in a while helps me feel like there is still something i can do to unwind in between my many responsibilities. The way I and many others fly with our multi-rotor aircraft is typically low, and in area’s where there are not lot of people. If I fly 100 feet AGL it’s a rare occasion. The same goes for many pilots of racing/freestyle FPV Drones. The current proposed regulations do not take into account for the way that I fly, and would completely end the possibility for me to fly in the future. I have always been extremely safe in flying as well as others I have been with. We have also been very informational to people who do not fully understand what the hobby is about. I have never had anyone every complain while flying, except for one time, a woman had her day off, and she lived near the field we were flying at. She asked that we stopped because she was trying to relax and all she could hear is the wine of the props zipping around. To which we happily obliged and moved to a new location. She was very thankful. More often than not, people are inquisitive and want to know more. Please consider what you will be taking away from myself, my family and the people of the USA.”