, Visalia

, California

, United States

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2020-02-16 17:45:44
“I grew up flying small control line airplanes. In my 20s I bought a remote control glider. It was the Sophisticated Lady. My oldest son and I went out and flew it in a near by alfalfa field. It eventually went in the rafters of my garage. Many years later my son bought the tiny trainer from your website. He and my grandson went out flying. He sent me some pictures and I immediately wanted to know more. I went out with him and was hooked. I bought the tiny trainer and A pack, some batteries, a charger and a Graupner transmitter. It was so much fun to get back into the hobby again all because you made it affordable! I wasn’t comfortable spending hundreds of dollars on an airplane to try and learn how to fly again. The foam board planes are inexpensive and easily rebuilt. I crashed the tiny trainer several times and needed to replace it so I printed out the plans and bought some DTFB and in a couple of days had a new tiny trainer. Since then I have built a MPCNC with a needle cutter at the middle school where I teach. I have cut out over a hundred planes and gliders using your free plans. We have a MESA club at school. I cut out 50-60 mini sparrow gliders for them to build and fly each year. I also cut out the tiny trainer glider and the easy glider. I have had two students who were really into building and they built Tiny Trainers and the Bravo. I bought the electronics for them and they learned how to fly at school. They took the planes home and continued to fly them. I have also cut out planes for members of our local Flying club, CVRC Soaring. It saddens me to see all of this taken away by our government regulations. I really really hope you can educate and show them that we the average flyer are no threat to our community or airports. Thank you for all you are doing and have done for our flying family. It’s because of you I have returned to the flying family.”