, Flagstaff

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 19:04:35
“I have been flying RC aircraft for over 20 years. I also received my Private Pilots Licence in 2008. Flying is my hobby, my passion. It is how I spend my spare time , it is my stress relief from work, etc. I also am involved with the STEM program here in Flagstaff. This is a great way to connect and educate students in the community.I also assist the local university engineeringstudents with their design/ build projects. I design, build and fly mostly fixed wing aircraft, although I do own a couple of multi-rotors. I own more then 30 aircraft with a majority of them being “home made”. I fly off of my own property with the smaller ones , and take the larger ones out to the club field to fly. We lease land from the Forest Service in able to have a place to fly that is safe, and away from populated spaces / airports, etc. To get to another flying site ( which is also leased from the Forest Service) is over an hour away, with the next closest one being over two and a half hours away. It would be prohibitive to travel these distances. We have a exceptional safety record and bring no negative impact to the community or full scale aircraft. It would be a huge financial burden to equip all my aircraft with remote ID . It makes no sense from a safety standpoint or from a practical standpoint to limit the number of flying areas, whether my own backyard , or a club field. With changes in population, as well as other factors, clubs should continue be able to create safe , organized flying sites that provide opportunities for those of all ages to experience the wonder of flight. Please consider revising the NPRM to allow for recreation pilots like myself to continue to enjoy our hobby by using an alternative solution, such as basic, inexpensive, broadcast solution. Tim Kelley”