, grand rapids

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-17 13:33:07
“Flying to me is everything, since my childhood I’ve always wanted to fly an aircraft designed and built by me. The idea of designing, building, testing and flying my own airplanes was always present but didn’t happen until 2008. Originally I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I had to leave my country because of the war that was based on ethnic cleansing. When I lived in Germany (1992-1999) finances did not allow me to make my dream a reality, not until I relocated to my new home , the USA. I’m proud to be a citizen of this great country and enjoy the freedom my own country and political system failed to provide. I’ve built well over 100 airplanes/wings and about 20 FPV drones, the journey from an idea to a aircraft that is flying..is a experience that is so challenging yet the rewarding factor of it is so difficult to express in writing. I say something else. I’m afraid that new set of proposed rules is going to take all of that away from us hobbyist who enjoy scratch building airplanes, drones and other aircraft. To put it into perspective, how odd would it be to go to a golfing club and be forced to only use the clubs and nothing else that location provides. How many people would say, this is wrong I’m going somewhere else. We have no where else to go if the new rules are put into place. I hope we all will reach a reasonable agreement that will provide safety yet not restrict our hobby, after all this is the greatest democracy the world has to offer. I have faith in people like Flight Test to represent us little guys and show the public that this great hobby, that is in existence since 1940’s is no threat to public safety but rather an expression of creativity like art, snowboarding, skating, music… Thank you and best regards, Elvedin Zdionica.”