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2020-02-18 2:29:34
“I’m 68 years old and have flown rc planes since I was 15. I have been a Flight Mechanic for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. I have never flown my rc aircraft in an unsafe manner. I follow the Academy of Model Aeronautics rules at all times no matter where I fly and I have flown many many different areas. It seems to me that FAA is trying to lump any and all rc flying vehicles into one big group to make it easier for them to regulate. The FAA needs to understand we rc fliers out here in the real world are all different. Most of the rc fliers cause no trouble at all to our national airspace or other people. The few troublemakers that have personalities that don’t give a hoot about flying their rc vehicles in a safe manner are never going to follow the proposed ID rules. I ask the FAA to please step out of your governmental box and try to understand how this will affect the general rc flier who is just trying to enjoy his hobby. Don’t kill the hobby as we know it.”