, Odessa

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-18 1:13:50
“I’ve always been interested in anything that flies. When my wife and I were fairly poor. she saved money and gave it to a co-worker of mine to buy a trainer, .046 nitro motor, and prop and he lent me all the other stuff to get me flying.. I also got a Futaba radio system. I learned to fly with elevator, throttle, and ailerons. No rudder.Very soon after my wife developed an autoimmune disease. The medication they had to keep her on is know to cause cancer and she developed lung cancer. She went in to have part of her lung removed and the operation went better than expected but her body couldn’t take it. I lost her 3 days later. I had quit flying and stayed with her for about 7 years when she died. Then I went back to work and figured out that I was lonely for a close friend, a pal. We met on line and married a year and a half later. We’ve been married 14 years now and I found Flite test a few years ago. I have the Simple Cub and Simple Trainer. I won’t be firing up the nitro anymore. I have a Hog 4 stroke my trainer traded to me for a carport I wanted to give him. And I have 2 trainers with nitro motors I got in garage sales dirt cheap. I live 1 block away from a park that has short grass and trees bordering it. A perfect place to fly. I would like to know what has brought all this on? Paparazzi drones filming celebrities, r/c aircraft flying into airport runway patterns or what? With social security payments as low as they are, medical, food, housing, fuel, etc. costs as high as they are, I can’t take another hit and to tell you the truth I will become a lawbreaker. Probably not. I’ll have to quit flying. Might as well,” can’t dance and the field’s too wet to plow! “”