, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-19 0:51:32
“The main concern here is the point of all this regulation. It appears to the regular person there are interests in attempting to completely lock down all/most airspace to facilitate the use of commercial drones. It’s also widely recognized by hobbyists that these regulations are far from enforceable. Reconfirming the fact that the regulations are merely there to discourage people from getting into anything other than say (a highly trackable) camera platform “drone”, flown only at their local “AMA park”. Either that, or to make “criminals” out of people trying to take their toy out to have some fun? The majority of us who fly frequently and have only ever broken our models and a few dirt spots in the field should not be judged by the few doing dangerous and irresponsible things with drones… Just like with cars and other dangerous motorized contraptions, we hold the person who did the harm responsible, right? Sure, people have done stupid things with drones… Just like they have with any other human invention. Just as it stands with all the other contraptions of the world, there are no set of rules that keep everyone safe all the time! ?¯ And again, we always hold the person in charge of doing the harm responsible… Right?!? ?¨ Requiring real time tracking in the name of “safety” is invalid. Show us the risk assessment, please? The statistics are so low on the purported kinds of accidents it possibly could not stand to reason to require all drones to use remoteID. Even if this is pushed through, just like with security cameras, all the ones recording and tracking have is more information. All that information may not even be correct, or just as with many other things, may not be able to portray events as they unfolded. All the sudden your quad is live and connected to the internet?! Prepare for that info to be spoofed and or stolen… It’s a huge security risk for the individual user! No thanks. As someone who flies drones and enjoys them, I’ll tell you right now I won’t enjoy seeing or hearing any delivery drones outside doing business. So I can really only wish you all the best of luck with that potentially perilous adventure.”