, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-19 11:16:30
“There is a clear delineation between fixed wing recreational flyers and commercial quad operations commonly called “drones.” Like many, I have been an aircraft modeler for over 50 years with multiple starts and stops as life required balance. I believe that most of us recreational builders, designers and pilots operate safely and really don’t need the oversight. Commercial operators “for profit” may be a way to regulate this delineation. Those who operate “for profit commercially” may require better guidelines and regulations. To burden the common hobbiest who enjoys the history of warbirds, the engineering of mechanics and electronics, the thrill of flying a craft they built or assembled plus the camaraderie achieved between pilots is indicative of what is great about America. Please don’t let COMMERCIAL FOR PROFIT operators drive out what is good about the hobby. The future engineering prowess of our great country depends on the young minds to find an outlet to learn and try ideas. I challenge each of you to take a second to recall the first time you tossed that 10 cent Guillows glider in the park and how that feeling is still able to be recalled as an adult. Please don’t ruin a young child’s dream and an old pilots memories through the thrill of flight. Michael Rapp. Kirkland, WA. 817.366.0474 AMA 1168986 FAA FA3MLKXFFY”