, Sioux Falls

, South Dakota

, United States

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2020-02-19 11:20:38
“I started flying 15 years ago as a stress relever from owning a business. Over the years the hobby has gone from enjoyment and past time to literally a gigantic part of my life. My wife has gotten into the Hobby and also does photography together we travel on average to 10 states in the USA every year for RC flying events. Every year we travel to events from California to South Carolina to Washington and all throughout the Midwest. I can honestly say that we really do not have many friends outside of the Hobby and we were blessed to have the greatest group of friends in the world. It is absolutely heartbreaking to us to even consider that any of that would be put in Jeopardy because of this ruling. I have personally designed airplanes that have been produced by two ARF manufacturers. Although most people don’t design and build their own planes these days and the giant scale market it was an unexplainable feeling to see people learning and enjoying a plane that I designed. I have also spent a lot of time training people on both flight, techniques and safety. I talk with people online nearly every day answering questions about building techniques Etc. It’s truly my entire life not just another hobby.”