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, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-19 11:41:53
“A comment on the proposed limitation of FRIA approved flying sites. Eventually there will be too many pilots flying at the available FRIA sites as the RID rule comes into effect. Sites move for one reason or another and open as urban sprawl occurs. It is the concern to Model Aircraft Pilots and FPV Drone Pilots a like that the FAA,when it comes time to renew FRIA sites, will gradually not renew sites as to force UAS into full compliance. There is a HUGE problem with that. Let’s say all flying fields are closed down or not approved exempt sites and all UAS are fully compliant. You will have UAS legally flying in unpredictable areas instead of dedicated areas under the guidance of a CBO that could be marked on a sectional map and/or use the LAANC system to send a NOTAM. Those who fly in private property are most likely going to be in rural areas. Those who fly from Private Property should be allowed to register their site as a FRIA or a CBO recognized site for the same reason as stated above. There should be no limitations on the amount of approved FRIA or CBO recognized sites, the application process should have no time limits or caps as this restrains future expansion. Allow those flying on Private Property to register as a site. I would think that encouraging mote sites would relieve the concerns mentioned above. Any UAS that fly outside of a FRIA or CBO recognized site should meet the RID requirements as in the NPRM. UAS within FRIA or CBO recognized sights will follow CBO and FAA regulations including but not limited to no BVLOS flying and FPV with a spotter. The UAS will be taking off and landing at this site most often the size of a football field or smaller. UAS in FRIA or CBO recognized sites will have the operator located on site, easily for Law Enforcement to find. As Modelers have done for decades we police ourselves at flying sites and DO NOT tolerate illegal or unsafe behavior. We will and have called the authorities for such behavior. Having more flying sites is in line with what Park Districts did for skateboarding. Kids would find anyplace they could to skateboard. Many places they should not be. Since skateboard parks came along it gave them a place to go.”