, Kentucky

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2020-02-19 11:39:35
“Flying (FPV/acrobatic/freestyle/racing) brings me an escape from anxiety and encourages outdoor activity more, which particular matters during the fall and winter periods as i suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Flying brings friends and family together. Building and creating multirotor (sub 250kg) and micros has educated me much more extensively in the area of electronics than my work (system admin / IT Director) does and it gives me an opportunity to exercise my technical knowledge and skills without being slaved in front of a computer screen like my line of work does. I have zero interest in the AMA. I have zero interest in Line of sight piloting at airfields. I have zero interest in fuel or combustion powered flight. I have zero interest in GPS or hi-def camera drones. My interest is strictly Quadcopter/UAV based (not really drones.. there are zero autonomous features) FPV / first-person-view acrobatic flight and racing. Which typically keeps me below 200 or so feet and within a few hundred feet as well. Zipping around trees or gates and doing stylistic runs that never last more than 4 to 5 minutes at a time. Usually more around the 2:30 or 3 minute mark. The description of FPV above is the most common one. It is apples to oranges when compared to camera/GPS box store drones like those by DJI, etc. Those in comparison can fly miles out for more than half an hour at a time with little to no training other than how to drive to Walmart and buying one. Require no to little electrical knowledge (aka safety). Etc. I have seen micro quadcopters (“Tinywhoops”) used extensively in several STEM projects for children. Building, completing, programming, and then flying their creation. Etc. The currently legislation is over-reaching and attempts to tear all this down as well as endanger an entire ecosystem of marketplaces, businesses, and consumers. The independent growth of technology in the quadcopter/FPV field alone has brought a ton of technologicaladvances to flight controllers and motors to video transmission. Reliability and scalibility being primary components of those improvements as we as a hobby have always striven for low weight, durability, and reliability.”