, Alexandria

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 14:31:23
“Radio control flight is recreational and educational for me. I enjoy designing and building things to fly and teaching others about techniques and flight and building things. I do multiple workshops every year sometimes with up to 50 people to learn about how to make your own airplanes from foam board and to help people think critically and learn about aeronautical principles as well as electronics and signal chains and the mechanics involved. I also take my flying hobby and building especially to three different schools every year for their science fairs or engineering clubs and help them learn about all of these things as well. The way the NPRM is currently written none of those activities would be legal anymore. Everything I do and teach is about building it yourself to learn principles and solve challenges and the cost and regulatory burdens and uncertainty will eliminate any schools from participating in any of these programs as well as turn me into an outlaw if I choose to fly them. My only outlet would be for a few more years to take things that I’ve flown to an FRIA club site”