, Oak Harbor

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 15:49:16
“I have been an avid modeler for approximately 45 years and have rarely seen cases of injury cause harm to other bystanders except on the occasion when proper risk assessment was not followed. For the most part, I have seen most innovation come from the practice of model aviation, not only for testing concepts but helping to develop the minds of the younger generation who show a desire for the hobby to progress into a lifelong adventure. When First Person View developed enough to become feasible, it further expanded my love for the hobby on a level that surpasses any of the flying previous to this time, words can not express my feeling from being free without the immense cost of full scale aviation and especially those that are no longer able to retain the ability to possess a current medical certificate. I personally would feel that the upcoming regulations as presented would prevent thousands of potential fliers from experiencing the most basic understanding of what this hobby means to so many, and is already starting to impact those already vested deeply into this wonderful sport. It will severely affect the generations that have devoted so much time and effort to see the continuation and ensure that it would be able to endure.”