, Kentucky

, United States

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2020-02-19 22:45:14
“Flying is not the best part of this hobby! Building an aircraft starting from scratch with only a few items and following plans and or directions putting all of your blood sweat and tears into making an aircraft then seeing it take shape and come to life. Learning what makes and airplane fly through trial and error, to finally seeing a complete product and seeing it take flight knowing that I built that with my own 2 hands, that is what makes this hobby so fun and exciting. I have a 5yo son who absolutely loves watching and helping me work on my aircrafts. He is beyond smart for his age and can ready work his way through nearly any dilemma he faces on his own with little guidance from me. I would hate to think that he may not have the ability to see that passion through into college and onto a career in aviation and/or engineering. These new regulations are robbing these younger kids of that spark that could bring the world the next generation of aircraft!”