, Antioch

, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-19 22:43:14
“I made my first amateur electric flight at age 64, and have been designing, building and flying small electric aircraft ever since. I’m a regular AMA club member and frequent officer as well as the website developer. A while back I had racked up about 70 hours toward a private pilot license but had to quit after having a pacemaker installed. I recently retired as a CAD lecturer at Northwestern University where I had introduced aircraft hull design into my curriculum. Many students increased their development in CAD technology because of their interest in aerospace design and several also started or increased participation in RC model aircraft design, building and flying. RC activities gave me a new and exciting activity to carry into retired life as well, quickly becoming a great socializing influence. I’ve made strong friendships with folks of all ages on the field and kept very active, elements sadly missing in the lives of many retired people. Our club does frequent educational demonstrations with hands-on learning for local libraries, park districts and even full-scale flying clubs. I feel that many aspects of the new NPRM would decimate the hobby along with all of it’s positive educational and social aspects. Few hobbyists could afford the required equipment and over time there would be no place to fly the current;y exempt sub-250 gram craft. Children would be denied the family bonding and educational aspects they now enjoy, as well as the many STEM-related activities based on model aviation. Yes, you definitely have the charter to maintain and improve the safety of the national airspace, certainly a serious and daunting task. However, I strongly urge you to consult with the various amateur-based CBOs so that you more thoroughly understand what we hobbyists do (and do not do). Without reasonable and sensible regulations we’ll have a growing throng of “outlaws” who will increasingly disrespect your mission and continue to fly in an unsafe manner and inappropriate locations. Thank you for your consideration and willingness to listen.”