, Denton

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-20 8:40:48
“I recently introduced FPV drones to my dad who is paraplegic. It is one of the few outdoor activities we can share because of his limited mobility. I am supportive of HAM licensing requirements and drone registration numbers on the craft. I would also support flying tests and further licensing for craft of a certain weight as they can be a danger to bystanders much like driving a car. However, Remote ID requirements will not protect people from the extremely rare instance where a drone could be used with the intended purpose of harming people or property. Use of the airmap app should be required to protect air traffic. A remote id craft would not do anything to protect against air traffic conflicts. The technology exists to have craft fly without remote id. Enforcement of this requirement would be extremely difficult and would not stop people from breaking the law and flying anyway. There are numerous higher enforcement priorities for police to worry about.”