, Lorain

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 8:44:28
“I started flying with the intent of creating a photography business. Instead I found a deep hobby that I can sink into and get tech on. For me the build is just as important as the flight. And through this I have met amazing people and introduced a few to the hobby as well. I’ve met one man who after a car accident lost the use of his right arm and learned to fly a freestyle multi rotor that does not have any autonomous systems with his one good hand. I’ve met people who say fpv saved their lives by giving them a positive outlet. I myself introduced a friend who suffers from service related ptsd to fpv multi rotors. He quit drinking, fly’s with his kids and has a hands on hobby that helps him decompress. In northeast Ohio the fpv community is alive. We Don’t always get to but prefer to fly in groups so we can visually observe for each other. We prefer unpopulated areas, flying at or just above surrounding buildings or trees. Ama fields are just not around and rarely multi rotor friendly. The nprm as stands would badly cripple the community if not desrtoy it.”