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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-20 16:17:50
“I have been interested in RC aircraft most of my life and consider myself to be a recreational pilot. I started flying about 10 years ago and learned how to fly by watching many you tube videos and also reading articles on flight. My favorite place to fly is over the field behind my house with permission from the owner. Fixed wing is mostly what I fly but also fly helicopters and mutli rotor copters as well. Being a member of the AMA, I follow their safety guidelines and recommendations. I someday hope to teach my grandson to fly so he can get as much enjoyment out of this hobby as I have. Since I started this hobby (in my mid 40s) I have found that it has greatly helped me deal with depression, which I have struggled with most of my life, as well as relieving stress. Nothing is more satisfying than building a new craft, installing the electronics, programming the radio and having the first successful flight in my back yard. It’s sad to say that someday soon this may have to come to an end. If the proposed rules go into effect as they are, I am concerned that It will not only limit where I am now safely flying, but also get to the point that I can no longer afford to fly as I do now. It sad to think that flying over the field or even in my own back yard would be illegal. Over the past few months I have found myself losing interest due to the fact that this may happen. My hope is that common sense rules will be developed so the recreational pilots can still enjoy this great hobby and all it has to offer and still enjoy flying in most of the locations that we are now doing safely. I have included some photos of the area I now fly as well as a few of the aircraft that I currently fly. I have many more, some that I have yet to build. Thank You Doug D”