, Modesto

, California

, United States

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2020-02-20 20:09:57
“I’m a single father that works all day and would like to come home and be able to fly I don’t want nobody to know I’m flying I don’t need nobody to know my identity when I’m flying it’s not like I’m trying to hurt anybody all I’m trying to do is just have some fun and fly people have been flying for years we’ve been letting everybody fly airplanes and remote control everything for a long time why all of a sudden are we now putting regulations on something that I don’t see the purpose of it just to gain more money and other people’s pockets and take away the small business man that’s just trying to have fun I mean let me fly or kill me that’s the way I’m feeling about this the new regulations are not going to help me they are going to hurt me they’re going to put people out of business this is not good change the idea of remote identification for fpv let us just fly the way we’ve been flying and figure out another set of rules that you can go put on somebody else”