, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-20 20:09:29
“RC flying, epecially FPV, has been the best hobby I’ve ever been around. It has given me interest in soldering, electronics, HAM radio, programming, all while letting me have a feeling of flight and dreaming of more. The RC community actively helps newcomers and each other while we are all learning more and having fun. The idea of corporate lobbys and government acronyms taking it away from us is an absolutely terrifying thought. With the technology of modern RC getting so powerful and popular I can see why there are safety concerns, especially to manned aircraft. But there are simple rules already in place that if used with some common sense will never cause an unsafe situation in the air. A remote ID system, especially this proposal would be an unnecessary burden on the average hobbyist, and 99% of this great community would be grounded.”