, Wausau

, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-20 20:59:07
“I never actually had a hobby that I was excited about everyday. I dream about flying. I thrive in being able to build my own quadcopter and airplanes. Picking out motors and other components, designing my airframes, cutting them out, tuning them to make them fly the way I like them to fly. Not sure what I like more, tuningnor flying. Dont think this hobby would be complete without both. The rules and regulations proposed by the FAA is so disheartening. I love to fly. I dont make any money with it. It’s for the sheer enjoyment that I fly. I’m not going to register my quads and planes. I’ll just assume let them sit. I dont consider myself well versed in the proposed regulations, but from what I have read. I’m not going to enjoy flying exclusively at a fria site and wouldn’t do it. I will not like having so random stranger bringing up an app just to see where a drone pilot is so he or she can pester them or get all righteous on me. This bubble thing that would be required is freaking ridiculous. Internet access requirements is just stupid. Who the hell cares that I’m racing around some field in the boonies, let alone being required to have my quad connected to the internet at all times. Just seems like a major unnecessary requirement for the type of flying I do. I know of several drone pilots personally that have obtained the part 107. They care about following the law. After the proposed regulations became public, they pretty much just through there hands up in the air and said, “I quit”. They just gave up trying to do things the legal way. They and I want to follow the laws but these regulations make me want to just not care for try. Everytime the FAA makes new regulations, it seems to just hurt the hobbyist. My honest opinion is that the FAA shouldn’t have any say in airspace below 400 feet. I feel that if I want to sit on my porch and fly around my house, the FAA shouldn’t give two sh#$s about it. I like to fly in parks or in bandos. 99 % of the time I fly below the tree line. Why does the FAA even care about it. I am a better judge of when it is safe or not safe to fly in a park than the FAA is . Why not make it so drones fly at or below 400 ft and keep people carrying planes and helicopters abortion above 500 ft. Makes a nice 100 ft cushion of safety. Long story short. These rules are ridiculous, burdensome to the hobbyist who just loves to fly, and is going to either make it so I dont fly anymore or I just go out and fly anyways. This is also a excellent way to make the young person not want anything to do with model aircraft.”