, Woodbridge

, Connecticut

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 21:47:26
“When our second child was born, my wife suffered from some postpartum depression issues that required me to be home and unable to participate in some of the hobbies in which I used to engage outside my home like Jeeping, camping, etc. Building and flying my own fpv quadcopters gave me the ability to have a hobby that kept me in/close to my house, which helped my wife tremendously and help me to have time for myself. If the regulations that are proposed are put into effect as proposed, it would completely destroy my ability to stay in this hobby due to the expense, complexity, and flying restrictions. If these restrictions were put in place immediately following the birth of my second child, I’m not sure what I would have done to keep my own sanity. I fly around my house with no issues at all. When I go to local parks or public spaces to fly, I always ask for permission from local authorities before flying in those spaces and I have had no issues doing so. I sincerely don’t understand why adding these restrictions would improve safety for those pilots like myself, and it would be unfair to arbitrarily implement these restrictions without exempting those of us in the hobby that pose no threat to the safety of the general population.”