, Missouri City

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-20 21:50:59
“I was a college drop out, burned out, no motivation, and ready to die. I had no direction and was spiraling down a dark path, with no life skills to hold any jobs. FPV drones, model aircraft and everything in this hobby, saved me. I self educated myself on electronics, stem related education, and flight characteristics. The pure power, speed, and freedom my fpv drones gave reminded me what life was like again. It gave me the skills to keep living. I know work in a electronic repair shop, thanks to the skills this hobby has given me and fly in my spare time. I am saving money to go back to school to learn more about the field, so that I can help progress it more. Now model aircraft and drones are in schools, helping students find interest in their life, something that would have prevented what I went through had I had such programs when I went to school. The new registrations will make it impossible to due what we do now, it will take away programs in schools that will help young adults not make the same mistakes I have made. Restricting only to specific fields takes away the ability to build in the school, show the rest of the school to gather interest in stem. It will make it hard to test your builds and will waste the already limited time of students by making them drive to fields. They will no have the ability to build their own since remote I’d will have to be a requirement. Further more, requiring a internet connection at all times is borderline impossible. It will make those of us not living in a major city unable to ever fly anything.”