, Redding

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 22:00:39
“To whom it may concern, I am an AMA member of 6 years, and the founder and Chapter Organizer for the MultiGP chapter Redding FPV. We are a group of local RC enthusiasts who design, build and race mini and micro multirotor drones. These drones range in size from 100mm (micro class) to 300mm (mini class), and range in weight from 20 grams to approximately 500 grams. All of our racing drones have been built, programmed, customized and in some cases even designed from the ground up by our members. We race at low altitude (generally under 50), we operate a DVR system which monitors every participant at all times, we designate spotters to monitor individual pilots while they are racing, we have a dedicated safety officer who oversees our events, and we never, in any way fly in such a manner that could possibly disrupt commercial or private air traffic. To be clear, we are not the problematic group your proposed rules are targeted at, however, we are the ones who will suffer from such regulations. Please consider that we represent the typical scenario for most if not all drone racing events, which accounts for many thousands of other individuals operating with identical standards and practices. The NPRM would prohibit us from flying aircraft of our own design, with the small exception of doing so in a FRIA location. These inadequately designated FRIA sites, would effectively cease our ability to host local events, as we rely on our ability to utilize public parks, schools, or other locations where we can obtain permission as the location for our races. Being that we operate in locations that are first come, first served environments, we have to be able to relocate on the fly if necessary. The fact that the submission period for FRIAs will be limited to one year, that they may then expire, and no future additions may be submitted is absurd. Limiting our ability to fly to AMA fields is not a viable option either, as there are very few of these locations, and the ones that are available are potentially costly to utilize. Additionally, a small subset of RC pilots as well as the FAA have created such a stigma around drones in general, that in some cases AMA fields do not allow them to operate there, let alone host a structured event such as a drone race. In summary, I strongly oppose the implementation of these regulations. This is a great hobby that Im not ready to part with, but with these proposed regulations, you will effectively kill it.”