, Saint Petersburg

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-20 22:11:32
“I started flying radio control aircraft when I was only 12 years old. It was part of my overall passion for tinkering, building and creating. That passion has served me well as I am now 46 continue to build and have had a successful career as a mechanical engineer for over 22 years. I am blessed with two 12 year old twin boys who are also rc pilots. Through this wonderful hobby that is radio control I have taught them how to build, how aircraft work, the physics of flight and they have both now soloed too. I would like to believe that this hobby helped to light a spark inside both of my kids as one wants to be an astronaut and the other an architect. I am extremely concerned about the impact of these proposed regulations on the hobby that I so dearly love. All we (the rc community ) want is our piece of sky. We have existed safely and harmoniously with other aircraft for close to hundred years. I feel the current regulations would do little to increase safety but would serve to monitize the NAS for the FAA for the just the benefit of the few. To take away a safe hobby that so many enjoy and are so pasisonate about seeems profoundly unamerican.”