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2020-02-27 0:26:03
“This is a hobby that I have come to enjoy immensely. Since I was young I have loved building/creating things with my own hands. To see these things that I have built flying and to gain the sensation of flight through first person view with these aircraft has given me hours of joy. I understand that the FAA believes that it must regulate UAV’s in order to ensure the safety of people, property and other aircraft, but I disagree with their proposed solutions to the problem. The hobbyist community who build or even buy hobby grade aircraft are an entirely different group of people from those who purchase easy to fly camera and cinematography “drones.” Just the level of skill and practice required to even fly a hobbyist aircraft vs a cinema drone sets the hobby community apart. I myself have spent countless hours using simulators in order to practice and develop the skills to fly safely and in control. This is a far cry from those members of the public who, for example, buy a DJI product and are flying immediately with no practice/training whatsoever. There is no barrier to entry. They have not spent any time acquiring the skills necessary to fly their aircraft and therefore have no respect for the responsibility involved with what they are doing. The remote-id solution proposed by the FAA will likely not make a difference as the difficulty involved in adding this functionality to most aircraft is high and not cost effective. What will likely happen is that people will fly anyway even if it is against the law or in ignorance of the law. Enforcement will also be difficult as only those who are committed to flying within the bounds of the law and can afford new equipment are going to use Remote ID. Also, flying in FAA pre-approved fields is not a good alternative for many hobbyists. These fields can be few and far-between and may require costly club memberships in order to use. An alternative solution being proposed by many hobbyists is to create a mobile phone application where those wanting to fly in safe locations can report where they will be flying and for how long. This would be vastly easier and cheaper to implement than having the aircraft themselves reporting their own location and identification. Making the process simpler and more accessible to the average person will make it more likely that people will comply and self report instead of ignoring the regulations. Consequently, if people are more inclined to comply and report their activities then the FAA can have a better understanding of who is flying and where.”