, Litchfield

, New Hampshire

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-27 0:40:27
“When I was in highschool I received a RXD-250 quadcopter to get into the hobby with along with a DX6e transmitter. I never got the quad working but I got the remote to work for many projects in the future. After I gave up trying to build the RXD-250 quadcopter after numerous issues I had with it I decided to buy a $30 tiny whoop from china. I would fly that thing non stop for years until I convinced myself the e013 was a lame quad for the amount of interest I had in it. I then decided to buy a QX65 quadcopter that was compatible with my Spektrum remote and I have been using that since for majority of my flying. I have also tried getting into designing my own airplanes from scratch to fly I’ve had some success but a lot of problems with designing one. This has been a favorite hobby of mine for years besides 3D printing.”