, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-21 15:16:15
“The FAA has refused to release any information that supports a need for legislation. There have been no known drone deaths and only minor injuries (or property damage). At best the FAA is preparing for the autonomous use of commercial drones; by eliminating the hobby. At worst the FAA is looking to make money through taxes and kickbacks to politicians. Money talks. I believe that is why the hobby is going to be effectively banned. They are trying to get rid of hobbyists by slowly removing flying fields and the ability to fly. Only those wealthy enough will be able to do it, in a way that lets commercial use dominate the sky. I do not believe people will be compliant. I believe this bill will be counterproductive with regard to safety. People will stop registering and do whatever they want. Especially if they believe they are not hurting anything and can’t get caught. We built this industry and the masses giving it up for others probably won’t happen.”