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, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-21 15:29:35
“As a disabled veteran, I rely on FPV and mini quads to help me with 25 years of chronic pain from injuries sustained in the U.S. Army. Medications have proven to not really help and in some cases makes me worse with additional problems. FPV allows me to not think about the pain for a few minutes as I am flying. Also, small things like getting outside, seeing new areas of my town that I would have never found if it weren’t for FPV. FPV has also brought a lot of good friends into my life and they have helped me with everything from getting my drone when it’s in the grass to assisting with electronics when my hands are too sore. The feeling of accomplishment is with me again and I don’t feel worthless as a disabled person when I build new drones. The learning curve for FPV is steep but by taking my time and learning I have been able to give myself a sense of worth and well being with this life. I say life because most think of FPV as a hobby, to me, it’s my life. In late 2016 I was in a very dark place with my disability and felt like I had nowhere to turn. One day while watching youtube I came across a TBS video where the guys were flying FPV. This led me on a journey to find out more and also leading me to a local group(prop bustas – Virginia) where Rob Garland, Nic Baines, and several other group members took me in and got me started. Without their help, I am not sure where I would be these days. Community, grassroots, tribes or whatever you would like to label it is vital to a persons well being. Taking away my right to fly is cruel and will only hurt those that rely on this life for therapy. I hope you will consider my words and work with communities instead of destroying them.”