, Kiowa

, Kansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 3:05:43
“I love to fly in my pasture. I live in a rural area of Kansas. Since I was little, I loved RC. Flying is rewarding in that it is a challenge and the constant fixing and upgrading is very fun for me. The proposed rules would not allow me to fly in my own pasture due to it not being an approved site. Additionally, all of my models are amateur built and not off the shelf ready to fly. I enjoy the building, in someways, more than the flying. It is amazing to build a model, piece it together, upgrade it, work on it, and fly it. The regulation in its current form would prevent me from using my models due the restrictions on home built models. The closest aviation field is around 2 hours away. I do not understand why my neighbor can buzz my house with his full size airplane, yet it would be illegal for me to fly a less than 5 pound model airplane 30 ft off the ground over my own land. There needs to be a safety evaluation for why the proposed restrictions on model aircraft are so strict.”