, Wausau

, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-22 2:28:26
“From a Aerospace/Aviation family. Have been a paying member of AMA, not current since Hurricane Harvey, was/am prepared to rejoin last year then this regulation stuff started to look like it’s really going to eliminate the model aviation hobby and the industry that supports it. It’s going to break my heart not to be able to afford to teach our grand kids to fly model airplanes, like my Grand father and uncles taught me. I cannot see being able to continue this passtime myself. Feels like being punished. I will pay my AMA and join FliteTest CBO or whatever you call it, but till I see how bad this regulation is going to be, I am going to hold on to my dollars. No sense in joining organizations that have no future. Heartbroken, my Grand Kids, There are two of them that I can tell are canidates for being really inspired by something like aviation. BOTH GIRLS. I am the oldest living member of my family and this would be such a GREAT way for me to interact with them. Then there is the BOY he’s a bit too young, but that won’t last long. He’ll be ready soon enough. But the way things are going looks like never. Very broken hearted about this. My planes are quiet, lite weight electric slo flying. I like scale models. Not really interested in FPV or quadcopters. We’re just weekend afternoon sloflyers, the joy of the build, and the joy of the flight. My joy taken away by the FAA which I have personally always looked up too, I am sorry but it really really does hurt. Not a joke.”