, Cherryvale

, Kansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 10:07:40
“I have been building and flying first control line and then radio control model aircraft for many years and hope to pass on to my grand kids and any other young or older person the happiness that model aviation has been for me personally. However, these proposed new regulations will I’m afraid simply be TOO Intimidating for the average newcomer to overcome. The little child or older person standing there watching those magnificent planes and helicopters doing those remarkable maneuvers in the sky might never have the chance to try their hand at becoming a pilot except through a video simulator. Model Aviation is FAR MORE than just going to the big box store and purchasing a ‘Ready Made’ flying machine and crashing it on your initial flight. Model Aviation is an ‘Immersive Teaching Experience’ that educates and fulfills our need to be more than average. Not only does it teach us how to fly a Plane, Helicopter or drone, It also teaches us about the requirements of flight and how to do it SAFELY and to respect the forces we deal with and how to be ‘Good Neighbors’ to those around the area we fly in. Community Based Organizations like the Academy of Model Aeronautics have been teaching for many, many years about the safe operation of model planes and helicopters and helping to come up with standards of model construction to insure the models are safe to fly in the manner intended. We did ALL of this WITHOUT having to be told by any outside authority. WE understand the problems with conflicts between our aircraft and full size aircraft and WE proposed and enforced our own standards of Safe Operation. WE are Responsible and Compliant in our operation of Our model aircraft and We didn’t have to be told or regulated into it.”