, Bethesda

, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-22 11:12:52
“My Son and I bond over creation of flying machines and flying them together. We do fly with a club, but there are other open spaces where there has never been intrusion on other peoples, privacy or property. Together we have over 20 planes in a rotating fleet of crashes and builds. The thought of asking permission to fly, telling the FAA that I am about to fly, or having to add equipment to each and every plane no matter how long they survive is burdensome and serves the FAA no real purpose. Commercial and high performance RC aircraft have become a challenge for safety and privacy. Regulating simple modelers, who actually make up the majority of RC fliers, will not help the FAA with their goals. Regulate what NEEDS to be regulated, but the hobby is too big and too varied to have the same rules for all.”