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2020-02-25 23:02:10
“Too many kids are stuck behind a computer screen instead of engaging their mind and learning/building. It is the fascination with model aircraft and flight that taught me “I can do it myself”. It was model aircraft that prompted me to buy a hang glider and experience real flight for myself (self taught). I have built dozens of aircraft from scratch, without plans, with at least a 95% success rate. I have even scratch built models on the club grounds and within an hour or two, taken to the air. The responsibility really comes down to the pilot. Anyone who just goes and buys a Ready-to-fly model, misses out on the whole creation/ownership factor that makes every model precious. When it’s your creation, you care that it is taken care of, doesn’t hurt anyone, and most of all, lands safely to be used again. Model clubs are a great resource for people to share and learn, to correct, instruct and encourage each other. If slapping a light foam plane together to fly in the local oval will no longer be possible, which is where my interest grew into a passion, then so many more kids will never experience the thrill and go on to join a club. I believe that the process of creating and innovating that began with this hobby is what lead me to building my own business. If I can build an airplane, I can build a computer. It builds character and confidence. If added cost and restricted usage is added to an already increasingly expensive hobby, people with just pass it by. I agree that large (5kg and up) aircraft should be tested and perhaps an ID system added for safety to full size aircraft. I agree that airports and some industrial/government sites should be restricted by a radio jamming or rf flooding system for their own safety rather than the potentially millions of people having to carry that burden on 99.99% of harmless recreational/educational models that will most likely never enter the restricted airspace. Most of the long range and FPV models I have flown were within club grounds and within line of sight, but there have been times where a country flight, many miles from anything, have been like a holiday to me. To see from a pilots view and see the whole farm property like an eagle, to dive at the ground and swoop across it, inches away from the earth, to skim the bottom of a thick, low winter cloud, to weave between trees and lightning speed with adrenaline coursing through your veins………these are the real thrill of the sport and to restrict or prohibit this will destroy the sport.”