, Duchesne

, Utah

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 15:43:19
“My brother and I both love our aircraft, building, testing, and flying them out in the open. But we can’t afford to pay for an ID, and every time A plane might crash, it would be so easy to lose the ID tag. So we would have to pay more every time we end up in a situation like that, (which does happen often). I believe that we should keep the drones and planes away from the public if no license is given, but I don’t believe we should have to rent our own aircraft, that we bought with our own money. Even though It seems as we may live in the middle of nowhere we still love the sport. If you require an ID, you have killed almost the entire hobby of remote aviation. Many enthusiasts, such as myself self are not willing to pay for a useless ID that doesn’t tell you anything but where an aircraft might be. Not to mention that it can be a total invasion of privacy. You can’t go anywhere without random people knowing exactly who you are just by checking their phone. Sure this may be useful in some cases, but for the average joe, this is just wrong.”