, Parker

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 18:33:23
“I started rc flying 30 years ago with my father as something we could do together. Later I became an engineer and rc aircraft and controls became a means to learn and test engineering design. Now that I have a young son in a STEM school, I’m hoping that rc flight gives him the same feeling of doing something with his father, furthering his education, and enjoyment in flight and his own innovation. I do believe that public safety is important and I am not opposed to reasonable changes to the hobby that helps protect manned aircraft and people. I feel that there is common ground to allow for both recreational flight without nearly impossible burdens on rc pilots and to protect our airspace and public. I’ve always flow with the idea of safety first, this means that I travel 30 minutes to a COB flying field. But I also fly micro aircraft in parks when no people and aircraft are around. I immediately suspend flights at the first sign of concerns over safety. Most of the individuals I know follow this same principal. I realize that there are those who do no share this and give the hobby a bad name. Most of the aircraft that hobbyist fly have limited range and flight times. This keeps them close by not necessarily with 400 ft of the operator. Long range rc aircraft already have more sophisticated flight controls and put more danger on the public, these seem to be more seriously considered for regulation the same as commercial UAS. Please consider this and what we can do together to keep the hobby strong and public safe.”