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, Idaho

, United States

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2020-02-22 18:33:20
“I fly traditional line of sight RC planes. I see remote ID adding complexity and cost. I also see the burden of regulation driving people out of the hobby or completely discouraging them from participating. I have been in the hobby off and on since the early 80s and my participation in the hobby is one of the things that motivated me to become an engineer. I can’t afford to fly full scale, so I currently enjoy aviation through RC flying. I feel that RID will destroy a wholesome and educational hobby. I am concerned that this is all being done to clear the skies so commercial drones can monopolize the airspace. I think the safety side is nothing more than a ruse to disguise the true intent. There have definitely been some irresponsible drone users, but I don’t see it being the safety concern being touted by the ARC (Aviation Rulemaking Committee)”