, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 19:39:28
“Learning to fly FPV drones has given me the ability to have a little fun and learn new skills that can eventually open up new sources of revenue for me. This is a big deal since I’ve missed over 3 months of work due to some health issues. Flying drones has given me a good distraction from health concerns and given me something to look forward to instead of just lying around feeling terrible.. If this new bill passes I won’t have anywhere to fly since there are no rc parks near me. From what I’ve seen of RC parks I’m not sure I’d be interested in flying at an RC park. I look for places like sea cliffs, fields with scattered tall trees and my local high school. All of these places offer fun obstacles to fly around and great cinematic experiences. Forcing us to fly at a designated field would basically be the end of me flying anywhere. That is a very sad, and I really hope that doesn’t happen.”