, Sweden

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2020-02-23 5:23:11
“I have several concerns the main one being the effect this will have on education by discouraging young people who may have an interest in aviation. Second is pilot safety, having your exact location broadcast can put you as a pilot at risk of being harmed or robbed by someone with ill intent. Thirdly there’s the privacy issues for pilots with their personal data being stored and potentially stolen by third parties. Forth is all the added cost being placed on the pilots themselves, this will inhibit me as an enthusiast will likely result in me giving up on a pastime i feel very passionate about, restricting me as an individual from participating in hobby that has a flawless safety record and is enjoyed by countless other the world over. I believe there are more common sense ways to approach this situation available by many like minded individuals and see this proposal as an overreach by the FAA on so many levels. These proposals if adopted will essentially end the hobby as we know it, crippling innovation in the industry and inhibit individuals like myself from participating in a hobby which allows me the freedom of flight. Regards Bevan Taka”